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Harnessing the Power of Professional Photography in Selling Your Home

Competition can be intense in the real estate market. One weapon to help even the high-stakes playing field is high-quality photography that will put your home in the best possible light and show it off to the world.

Read on below to learn why professional photography can be such a game-changer when developing a marketing strategy to sell your home!

Why Good Photos Matter for Your Home Sale

Quality photography of your home can have a huge impact on whether or not a buyer wants to pursue an in-person tour of your home. From building anticipation about the house to showing off your home's best features, photography can make all the difference.

Real estate photography isn't just about producing straightforward shots of your house. It's as much about giving potential buyers the chance to envision their future lifestyle in their potential future home, from walking through the front door after a long day of work to playing with the kids out in the backyard.

Each photograph paints a picture of a buyer's possible future, and together the different pictures of your home create a mosaic of how the buyer's life could turn out after they've moved in.

When it comes to sales, presentation is key, and from virtual tours to traditional property listings, top-notch photography is an essential part of that presentation.

Maximizing Your Home Sale Price

For most homeowners, selling your home means selling the biggest asset you own. And any sale done on that scale must be done with a serious amount of investment in terms of time, effort, and yes, even money.

Let's say you were selling an old table that you no longer have a use for. Wouldn't you spend some time dusting it off, wiping off any noticeable grime, and even buffing and polishing it to create an attractive appearance?

If you would be willing to invest those factors into selling anything else you own, especially for an item that would only sell for a few hundred dollars at most, why wouldn't you do the same for the most valuable property you own (i.e. your home), which could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Why You Shouldn't Go DIY or Hire an Amateur

Okay, so maybe you're convinced of the necessity of taking plenty of photographs of your home during the sale process. But perhaps you're considering trying to figure the art of photography out on your own or hiring an amateur photographer who charges low rates (if they charge anything at all).

While either of these admittedly cheaper options may be tempting, going the extra mile and hiring a professional real estate photographer really is your best bet. Remember what we said earlier about investing in your home sale? Hiring a pro is a part of that investment.

Photographers who make a living taking shots of homes for sale bring a potent combination of high-end equipment, experience, and professionalism to the table. They also have access to photo editing software that can take even professional photos from ordinary to extraordinary, adding depth and sincerity to the various shots of your home.

Let's dive into some specific aspects of what professional photogs bring to the table below.

Professional Equipment and Lighting Expertise

Pros have all the right cutting-edge technology to take beautiful pictures of each room in your house, from high-end cameras that capture crisp photos to flashes and umbrella lights for creating the right amount of brightness for rooms in your house that don't get enough natural light.

Speaking of light, professionals also have training and experience determining the right amount of lighting for a given shot or angle, minimizing the need for editing and leading to more aesthetically pleasing pictures with natural-looking colors.

The right lighting can make a mediocre bathroom look inviting, while the wrong lighting can make the most spacious living room look drab and disenchanting. And the right photog knows just how to capture that lighting throughout a photo session to create an emotional connection with prospective buyers.

Specific Experience in Real Estate Photography

However, equipment and lighting expertise aren't all that you need to look for in a professional photographer. You want to enlist the help of a pro who specifically understands the needs of a home sale client. In other words, your photographer needs to be able to visualize real estate photos that will sell a home.

Professionals with real estate photography skills will work with professional home staging teams to create landscapes within your home that will look nearly perfect and spotless while selling the lifestyle that your home listing is advertising.

The more inviting a photographer can make a space appear through proper lighting, staging, and use of white balance, the better your home will come across to would-be buyers.

Photographing from the Right Perspective

Given that photography is all about images, perspective is obviously key. Photographers can visualize the correct height to shoot their pictures so that your home looks as pleasant as possible while giving viewers as clear an idea of the property features as an image can capture.

Buyers will want to know how much they can fit into a given room in terms of furniture, decorations, and more, and shooting out from the corner of a room from a natural height will help give them that needed visual information.

The better a buyer can grasp the layout of your home, the more interested they are likely to be if they can picture themselves and their family living in that same space.

Schedule Your Photo Sessions for the Right Weather

Remember how much we harped on the importance of proper lighting for real estate photography earlier? Well, believe it or not, overcast days can counterintuitively be perfect for shooting your home. The right amount of cloud cover can balance the sunlight and make exterior shots of your home appear peaceful and inviting.

If you'd like your home to have a warmer glow about it, then a professional photographer can take advantage of the softer light available during the late afternoon or early morning hours. Once again, a professional will know the right weather to make your home look gorgeous in its property photos.

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