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Preparing Your Home for a Quick Sale in Today's Northwest Arkansas Market

If you're a proud Northwest Arkansas homeowner, then you already know why someone would want to move into this bustling region, which means you also know why someone would want to buy a home like yours.

Deciding to sell your home is only the first step, of course. You also need to know what steps to take to get your home ready for a fast yet profitable sale in the current housing market. Read on to catch our tips for preparing to sell fast and saving money with our custom marketing packages!

Why Is This Market the Time to Sell?

There are plenty of factors that make now a great time to sell a home in the NWA region. For starters, Northwest Arkansas has been experiencing an incredible economic boom, fueled in large part by the growing job market and the fact that the area has earned a reputation as the "Silicon Valley" of freight and transportation.

In addition to this high demand, NWA has been experiencing a housing shortage. This low supply has created more intense competition between potential homebuyers, meaning that sellers have a unique advantage whenever they decide to sell.

Understand Market Status and Current Mortgage Rates

As mentioned above, the NWA housing market is still, by definition, a strong seller's market thanks to several different economic factors, especially high demand paired with low supply.

On top of that, Arkansas as a whole has lower mortgage rates than the national average, meaning that even as rates increase overall, NWA remains an attractive option for buyers looking to make a purchase without getting locked into a cumbersome rate.

When you hire a Summit Realtor we research not only these fast-moving real estate market conditions but also look at historic trends. In addition to studying market history, your Summit consultant will compare similar properties in your neighborhood so that you can have a fuller understanding of the market you'll be dealing with during the entire home-selling process.

Create a Powerful First Impression

First impressions affect more than just person-to-person relationships. They can also make or break a potential home sale. That's why setting your home up for a successful sale includes staging your home to look the best that it can before a single buyer sets foot on your property.

The right combination of tasteful artwork, classy decor, and well-arranged furniture can bring out the best in your home and make it as attractive as possible to visitors. Enlisting the help of a professional home stager can make all the difference.

Apart from interior staging, you should also consider how to boost the curb appeal of your home, such as through intentional landscaping, adding shutters, or even something as simple as painting your front door a bright color.

Choosing the Right Repairs

Another part of putting your best foot forward so you can get the kind of offers you want is repairing your home. However, unless you want to spend all your time and money on renovations, you should be choosy about which fixes to make before trying to sell.

Something as simple as cleaning up your scuffed walls or repainting your bedroom walls can make your house more desirable while saving you time and money.

You should also repair any water damage, make sure your home's moisture levels are under control, and verify that your HVAC system is in good condition. All of these steps can make a huge difference for a home being sold in the humid climes of Arkansas.

When you hire a Summit Realtor we will give you insider knowledge on what repairs to make or forgo depending on the market. This will save you time, energy, money and potentially place you in a better negotiating position. 

Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent

The reality is that, while there's plenty you can do to prepare your home by yourself, your best bet for a swift sale is by enlisting the help of an expert real estate professional who brings years of experience and a career's worth of networking to the table.

The Summit Home Team can save you time and money as your real estate experts guide you through the home sale process and get you the best sale price for your property, from performing a competitive market analysis to helping you navigate the closing process.

How to Take Advantage of Social Media

Lastly, you need to consider how to use multimedia to show off your home to a wide enough variety of buyers. From well-staged photos and 3D home tours to paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, there are loads of ways you can keep up with the fast pace of our digital world and use it to sell your home faster.

Don’t stress, your Summit agent will take care of this for you!

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Even when the market winds are blowing in your favor, there's still a lot of work that goes into getting your NWA home ready for sale. That's why you should contact the real estate experts at The Summit Home Team and find out how they can leverage their knowledge to help you have a fast, stress-free sale!

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