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Relocating to Northwest Arkansas?

We've assisted numerous satisfied clients in relocating to Northwest Arkansas from various parts of the United States and even some from across the globe! We understand the specific hurdles you may encounter during a relocation & home-buying process. Learn more about our relocation process, read through testimonials from our past clients, and garner some tips for a successful relocation to Northwest Arkansas!


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Initial Consultation

First, we would like to arrange a quick call to discuss your search. We'll establish your timeline, objectives, budget, and location preferences. Do you prefer to start the communication via email? We can easily accommodate that!


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Area & Neighborhood Recommendations

Once we comprehend your needs for your new home and location preferences, we will forward a list of area & neighborhood suggestions that align with your budget, commute, and other location-specific criteria, such as proximity to schools or entertainment.

Targeted Property Searches

We encourage you to conduct online searches, but we will also set up precise property searches based on identified locations and your specific home needs. Our experience with the MLS allows us to tailor searches specifically for you. We will generate separate searches for each area/neighborhood you're interested in, which will help you organize your search.

Organize Your Favorites

We'll provide a client portal that lets you save favorite properties and potential picks and dismiss properties that don't match your needs. You can add notes on properties to help you recall what attracted you to each home. If you're buying your new home with your partner or family, this portal lets you conveniently share your views on different properties and areas.

Tour Areas & Properties

We are ready to dedicate as much time as you need when you visit Northwest Arkansas. We generally prefer touring several neighborhoods so you can gauge which area suits you best. We're also prepared to show you as many homes as you wish to ensure you understand the market and your options.

Vendor Recommendations

Being new to the region, we're prepared to provide a list of trusted vendors we've collaborated with over the years. Whether it's a mortgage lender, home inspector, insurance provider, or landscaper, we have you covered!

Move Forward With a Purchase

When you're ready to purchase, we will guide you through the traditional home-buying process. We understand that relocating can present unique challenges, particularly when purchasing remotely. We're here to help you through this process.

Tips for a Great Relocation to Northwest Arkansas

Plan At Least Two Trips

From our experience, an initial “scouting trip” can be instrumental in determining the neighborhood(s) you truly want to settle in. A follow-up trip focusing on finding your new home is less stressful and more productive, as you've already identified your preferred locale and just need to choose your house.

Close Remotely on Your New Home Before You Move

Moving is already a stressful endeavor. Arriving in town with a full moving truck, dealing with closing, funding, key collection, and directing movers in one day can be overwhelming. We can arrange a remote closing for you anywhere (a notary will accompany you). We’ll conduct your final walkthrough for you and are happy to video chat or send a video walkthrough to ensure you're confident about the state of the property.

Consider Making an Offer Site Unseen

If you've made a few trips to Northwest Arkansas but haven't found "the one," we can preview homes and upload walkthrough videos of properties you're interested in. You can make an offer and secure the contract before visiting Northwest Arkansas to confirm it's "the one." Remember that you have a 7-10 day option during which your earnest money is safe.

Create a Backup Plan

Having a Plan B significantly reduces stress. If you don’t find your home during your trip, you could plan another trip or consider making an offer site unseen. A last resort could be a short-term rental. While not ideal, it does give you ample time to buy a new home in Northwest Arkansas and decide after the move. Having a backup plan in place will undoubtedly reduce your stress levels.

We Would Love to Help You With Your Relocation.


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Our agent was great. Available. Made the process easy to understand.

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